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Education and Mentoring

Services – Education – Mentoring/Coaching

Never doubt
that a small group
of thoughtful,
committed citizens
can change the
world; indeed,
it’s the only thing
that ever has.

– Margaret Mead

Education & Mentoring

We focus attention on preventive and integrative solutions in an effort to re-orient perspectives. In our work with various teams in and outside the healthcare arena, we realized providing a mentoring relationship and utilizing the tools we teach has a positive impact both personally and professionally. Developing a whole person-centered relationship identifies core talents and skills. This mentoring also helps to identify what is unique to each team member, to help place them where they are needed within their organization, as well as fulfilling and enhancing their calling.

Our goal is to help create a more harmonious work environment and increase the overall optimal well-being for all people involved with the organization.

Services – Heartmath


HeartMath® is a series of energy management skills that increase the ability to self-regulate, sustain composure and balance.  It is a system of science-based, coherence building skills with their heart’s intuitive guidance and steps to fulfillment of becoming who we truly are.

HeartMath® techniques are more than technology and they are more than breathing.  They are a set of mental and emotional self-regulation and energy management techniques and processes that lead to a restructuring of neural circuits.  They lead us to increased internal awareness.

In the feedback sessions, we help:

  • Establish short-term goals
  • Identify what gets in the way
  • Define that this is not a relaxation program, but one of intelligent energy management.
  • Introduce resilience and help individuals relate to their day-to-day experience, using the inner battery metaphor and key concepts of the 4 Domains.
  • Introduce the Depletion to Renewal Grid
  • Teach six breathing techniques for use in energy management.

And we explain:

  • Energy-Draining and Energy-Renewing Situations Exercise
  • Depletion to Renewal Grid
  • Set up reminders to use techniques
  • Use Inner Balance Trainer and/or emWave Pro technology
  • Using the Building Personal Resilience Guide

Services – Education – Curriculum


Individual mentoring/coaching and group training sessions in:

“Healing the

Whole Life Integration

Resiliency Training

Stress Management & Reduction


Leadership Training & Development

Cultural Development

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Holistic Wellness

Services – Holistic Wellness – Mentoring/Coaching

You must be
the change you
wish to see.

– Mahatma Gandhi

Mentoring & Coaching

We guide attention to whole-body wellness through preventive care, lifestyle changes, and integrative options to achieve personal optimal well-being. Our Holistic Wellness Mentoring and Education Programs are designed to identify opportunities to improve resiliency and reduce or prevent burnout, while addressing increased self-awareness. Our belief is providing additional tools enhances the team members’ ability to develop strategies and coping skills to enhance quality of life and performance throughout their career. These skills will also enable them to communicate more effectively and demonstrate greater empathy within their teams, as well as with clients & partners, families, and personal relationships.

Services – Holistic Wellness – Balance Chart

Integrative Life Balance Chart

Services – Areas of Focus

Areas of Focus/Topics Covered

Personal Growth/Awareness
Emotional Well-Being
Work-Life Purpose



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An innovative model of wellness collaborating with healthcare and other professionals and the communities they serve to promote preventive care, education and healing.

Laura A. Mauriello, BSN, RN, CHHC

Carol K. Bondy, MBA, CMPE