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To offer an innovative model of wellness collaborating with healthcare professionals and the communities they serve to promote preventive care, education and healing.


To be on the leading edge of integrative healthcare where patients and healthcare professionals can be educated and heal themselves emphasizing the connection between the mind-body-spirit and environment in order to achieve maximum well-being.

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We focus the industry’s attention on preventive and integrative solutions for themselves and their patients, in an effort to re-orient practitioners’ perspectives.

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Holistic Wellness


We guide attention to whole-body wellness through preventive care, lifestyle changes and integrative options to achieve personal optimal well-being.

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Through our years of working in the traditional healthcare system we, like many others, independently came to the conclusion our healthcare system is broken. Our personal philosophies on health and healing started many discussions of how transformational change can be achieved. In 2014, we made the commitment to pursue a long term goal of offering our talents and services to make these changes.

Our belief is that using a whole person approach to wellness where every aspect of the mind-body-spirit is considered increases an individual’s ability to heal.

In short, our purpose and passion about our work is what inspires us to be part of this paradigm shift in healthcare.

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I went into Family Medicine 15 years ago with compassion and excitement. Practicing medicine and caring for my patients was my life and I was very happy. Over the years, I adapted to all of the changes and challenges in healthcare. I checked all of the boxes, my patient satisfaction scores were at the top, my “numbers” were great. I wasn’t aware, however, that I had not been taking care of myself. It wasn’t until a patient of mine said to me, “You’ve changed. You aren’t the same doctor I started with 8 years ago,” that I realized I was burned out and it was affecting my patients. Sadly, I found that there were very few resources for healthcare workers. I changed jobs thinking that would help but after a year, I found myself googling “What do doctors do when they don’t want to be doctors anymore?”  It was heartbreaking to think I wanted to leave the profession. Luckily, I found Carol and Laura, and they have helped mentor coach me through these challenges. I have a renewed sense of self and love for medicine. I only wish that I had met them sooner!

—Kate L.

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Meet the Team

Carol K. Bondy

Owner, MBA, CMPE

Laura A. Mauriello

Owner, BSN, RN, CHHC

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Congratulations to Laura Mauriello for completing Duke University's Leadership Program in Integrative Healthcare! She joins partner Carol Bondy as a graduate of this one-year intensive program that “teaches working models of integrative healthcare.." More: https://t.co/ihcOJEKHOL

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An innovative model of wellness collaborating with healthcare professionals and the communities they serve to promote preventive care, education and healing.

226 Baldwin Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28204
Office: 704-315-5756

Laura A. Mauriello, BSN, RN, CHHC

Carol K. Bondy, MBA, CMPE