18 Nov 2019

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HeartMath® HeartMath® is a series of energy

18 Nov 2019


HeartMath® is a series of energy management skills that increase the ability to self-regulate, sustain composure and balance.  It is a system of science-based, coherence building skills with their heart’s intuitive guidance and steps to fulfillment of becoming who we truly are.

HeartMath® techniques are more than technology and they are more than breathing.  They are a set of mental and emotional self-regulation and energy management techniques and processes that lead to a restructuring of neural circuits.  They lead us to increased internal awareness.

In the feedback sessions, we help:

  • Establish short-term goals
  • Identify what gets in the way
  • Define that this is not a relaxation program, but one of intelligent energy management.
  • Introduce resilience and help individuals relate to their day-to-day experience, using the inner battery metaphor and key concepts of the 4 Domains.
  • Introduce the Depletion to Renewal Grid
  • Teach six breathing techniques for use in energy management.

And we explain:

  • Energy-Draining and Energy-Renewing Situations Exercise
  • Depletion to Renewal Grid
  • Set up reminders to use techniques
  • Use Inner Balance Trainer and/or emWave Pro technology
  • Using the Building Personal Resilience Guide
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