20 Jun 2017

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Back Story and History Through our years

20 Jun 2017



Through our years of working in the traditional healthcare system we, like many others, independently came to the conclusion our healthcare system is broken. Our personal philosophies on health and healing started many discussions of how transformational change can be achieved. In 2014, we made the commitment to pursue a long term goal of offering our talents and services to make these changes.

Our belief is that using a whole person approach to wellness where every aspect of the mind-body-spirit is considered increases an individual’s ability to heal.

In short, our purpose and passion about our work is what inspires us to be part of this paradigm shift. We are here to serve, support, encourage, and inspire. The impact of daily routines and the stress associated with working in complex, stressed (and distressed) industries has taken a toll on the health, well being, and hopefulness of some of the best trained, smartest individuals in the community.

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