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Congratulations to Laura Mauriello on Duke University Program

Congratulations to Laura Mauriello for completing Duke University’s Leadership Program in Integrative Healthcare.
She joins partner Carol Bondy as a graduate of this one-year intensive program, that “teaches working models of integrative healthcare and the principles behind the success of Integrative care to heal patients and help them lead lives that prevent disease from occurring in the first place. It emphasizes the creation of a culture of health and wellbeing, not only for patients and providers, but throughout the healthcare system and in the greater society as well.” Read more about the program: Leadership Program in Integrative Healthcare.

Carol K. Bondy (Cohort2) and Laura A Mauriello (Cohort 3) are founding partners and co-owners of Center for the Healing Arts, LLC in Charlotte, North Carolina. Healthcare consultants and educators, they’re passionate about developing strategic alliances with others in the industry to teach a whole-person approach to professional and personal well-being. Delivered primarily through workshops and individual coaching/mentoring programs, over the past two years their work has focused on programs specifically designed for resident physicians and medical students. Click here to read more about our programs: Center for Healing Arts-Services.