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Remembering who I really am

WHAT CAN I DO TO ALWAYS REMEMBER WHO I REALLY AM? ~Juan Ramon Jiminez To truly see ourselves more clearly, we must practice being still, being alone, slowing down, quieting the voices in our heads and then just  breathe…..breathe slowly….. breathe deeply….. breathe evenly….. If we dare to allow ourselves to be alone, to be quiet and to be still, we can discover many new miracles in our lives. In a world where we are always doing, we need to find time for just being. The rewards of spending time alone are the golden moments when you have the ability to re-discover your own potential, connect with your purpose, re-energize and cultivate more clarity and love for yourself.  In this space you can remember who you really are. When there is abundant self-love, there is more love to nourish the relationships around you. Try and carve out a few minutes today to stop doing and just be. See how it feels, it may feel awkward or scary at first, but stay there and breathe and bathe yourself in the quietness and remember who you really are.